Listed companies

As a pure player in financial research, Theia Recherche is dedicated to monitoring the securities of companies that place their trust in it and are its sole clients.

Theia Recherche commits to distribute :

  • a background study at the signature of the contract ;
  • an analyst’s note each time a result or event likely to influence the value of the stock is published;
  • an annual update of the fundamentals.

Issuers and Theia Recherche together sign the Charter of Trust which guarantees the objectivity of financial analysis.

The sponsored research coverage includes earnings forecasts over three years as well as three valuation scenarios.

Theia Recherche’s work is available on the platforms that produce the consensus forecasts. Theia Recherche maintains direct relationships with a network of specialised investors.

Theia Recherche is committed to relaying investor feedback to the management of listed companies.

A web link is provided to companies so that they can provide access to the research reports from their investor pages.

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